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вторник, 6 марта 2012 г.

Where to drink and eat in Prague?

There are in Prague a huge amount of restaurants where you can taste tradition local cuisine such like roast pork knuckle, smazhenny cheese, knedlík, palevka in bread, Panenka grilled, baked sausage, pork ribs on the grill, etc. It is not difficult to look at the menu and choose the most appetizing dish because you can find it on streets near the restaurant with a doorkeeper who can recommend ther anything your stomach wants. Of course, the main thing what beerhunters follow and want to find is the same beer!
Czechs believe that beer is bread, so you can find them at night strong hugging the mug(bread) of that intoxicating drink. There are some places where traditionally beer is boiled:
1. Strahov Monastero / (Klasterni Pivovar Strahov), Strahovské nádvoří 301
 Especially good onion soup and goulash soup

2. U shveika, there are a lot of restaurants with the same name but one fabulous  is located near the Museum of Kafka. And you must know, you have to pay for hanging pretzels because every waiter knows how there were before your food stepped over this restaurant.
3. U Dvou koček. Uhelný trh 415/10,
You will be entertained with songs, music and loud conversations in adjacent  tables. Be on the alert, all this entertainment  will in your receipt! and for the music, even if you have not listened to the music or neighbors conversations, you have to pay. Prove  here liqueur , supposedly for women, but tasty. If you heard the word "board" be aware that this is a board with meat, which has not absolutely humane price.
4. Pivovarský dům, Ječná/Lípová 15, Praha 2, ,
 one of the best restaurants. Try a beer-carousel.
5.Tlusta Koala, Senovážná ulice č. 8, Praha 1.
a noisy place where you can feel the whole Czech local colour. You will enjoy especially with dishes from kangaroo and homemade Czech pies.

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