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пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.

%~~~~~~~~Your support is needed~~~~~~~~%

My dears, some weeks ago I have found an investors website for any projects! That was big opportunity for my company and special unique mobile app that is been waiting from everybody!!!It's amazing step for our developers to give useful app and give help free!That all of us needs!

Please be so helpful and help us to realize this useful project! You can repost or tell in your blog about this app!We are glad to have any help!!!

Thank you for anything that can give a life to this project!!!!

пятница, 31 января 2014 г.

Sweet day

Wedding is the sunniest day in life! Oh,yes if you can do like you would like to do))but not your mom))love u mom) but the wedding is checkout of yourself!
We have luck this day was the most beautiful and warm day(in spite of living in the north)
my microfon

between this and then I was harvesting